Expression theme support

Using Online Store 2.0

Online Store 2.0 (or OS 2.0) themes take advantage of new Shopify platform features.
The new features are native to Shopify, and not unique to our themes, so if you have any questions about these you can contact Shopify here.

Updating your theme

PLEASE NOTE: Shopify themes cannot be automatically updated. You install the latest version of a theme (for free), set it up again, and then start using it. Shopify has an article with more detail about this here. Any custom code will need to be re-added (if needed), and some apps may need reinstalling.

If you wish to have someone update an existing theme’s code, or set up a new version for you please try the following resources:
Theme developers:

Updating your theme step by step to speed up the process

Our themes released on OS 2.0 architecture:
Showcase (Aug 11th, 2021)
(Aug 11th, 2021)
Canopy (Aug 17th, 2021)
Alchemy (Aug 23rd 2021)
Boost – (Sep 2nd 2021)
Masonry(Sep 15th 2021)
Expression(Sep 21st 2021)

Shopify Documentation

Here are Shopify’s help pages for the new admin, filters, templates, sections and metafields:

Video Guides

How to create multiple unique product page templates

How to create multiple unique pages (multiple story pages)

How to set up collection filters

How to set up custom filters using metafields

How to create a sub collection within a collection

How to create unique product tabs/size charts with Metafields