Troubleshooting problems with your store

If you’ve arrived here, chances are that something isn’t working the way you’d expect or breaking your store.
Occasionally this can be a bug in the theme, but nine times out of ten, it’s caused by something outside of a theme’s control.

An important thing to note: once installed, our themes never auto-update or change over time. If something goes wrong with your store and it was previously working correctly, an external factor will be the cause of the problem, not the original theme.

Here are some things you can try:


Apps can sometimes cause problems in a theme. Themes are increasingly more complex, and adding 3rd party code to a theme can conflict with existing code, and quickly result in errors.

To try:

  1. If the problem has surfaced recently, and you’ve also added an app, try removing that most recent app. It’s critical you follow the app developer’s uninstall guide, because often code is left behind in the theme, even if the app is deleted from your admin. If you are in any doubt, contact the app developer for assistance. You can find their details in your Admin > Apps or search in the theme store for the app name.
  2. Remove all unwanted or unused apps. Again, it’s critical you follow the app developer’s uninstall guide to properly remove all code from theme files.
  3. Look for any apps that might be related to the issue – for example, if you have an app that manages stock/products/collections, and your issue is with the cart, product or collection pages, try removing that app, or contact the app developer.
  4. If you have a previous installation (duplicate) of the theme, before apps or custom code were added, you could preview that, to see if the problem still exists.
If deleting an app resolves the issue, and you still wish to use the app, please contact the app developer for assistance. If the app developer has any questions about our theme code, they can get in touch with us directly through our contact page and we’ll do our best to help!

Rollback code changes

Most template files can be reverted to older versions, including the original template code. Any templates that have had code alterations are shown with a small ‘dot’ next to the filename.

To try:

  1. If you or your developer have made changes to any original template code, and you are experiencing issues with your store, we’d suggest rolling the file/s back to a previous working state:
  2.  If you duplicated your theme ( before making changes, try previewing the duplicate to see if the issue exists there. If the duplicate is working okay, you can use that instead.

Custom development

If you have hired a developer to make changes to your theme, and you are now experiencing issues, you will need to get in touch with that developer. We’re not able to assist with 3rd party code changes to our themes, and your developer will know exactly what they’ve changed, so should be able to fix things for you.

If you have made changes to any code and get stuck, you will need to hire a developer for assistance, we’re not able to help with 3rd party code changes.
You can try our preferred partner TaskHusky
or the Shopify developer community