Masonry theme support

Size chart guide, built into themes

We understand that, as a merchant, you are always looking to make life easier for your customers. This is why we have added the “Size Chart” feature to our themes. Below you will find all the information you need to activate and use the feature to also make your life easier as a merchant!

Video tutorial for your theme’s built-in size chart feature

Step-by-step written guide to your theme’s inbuilt size chart feature

Step 1: Create a size chart page

  1. Head over to your Admin area and click Online Store > Pages > Create Page.
  2. Give the page a title. We recommend “Size Chart” but it can be any title you prefer.
  3. In the description, you can either create the size chart via the Rich Text Editor table feature, or you can insert an image into the page that contains the size information.
  4. Click Save.

Step 2: Add your size chart to your product page

  1. Head over to Admin > Online Store > Customise
  2. Click Home Page at the top of the page > Select Products from the drop-down list > Click Default Product.
  3. Click on “Variant picker
  4. Check the box to enable it.
  5. Under the Option name, be sure to enter the Size variant and make sure that the letters match exactly, otherwise the link will not show up.
  6. Next, you will need to select the page we created previously, from the list.
  7. Once done, be sure to click “Save” and you can preview your product page to ensure it’s there. (If doesn’t show, just refresh the page)

How to add different Size Charts to products (Using metafields)


Can I have multiple Size Chart pages for different products?

Yes. You can use metafields to connect unique pages to specific products. To learn how, please watch the video guide below. You can follow the same process from inside the variant picker block.

Can I change the “Size Guide” text that appears?

Yes, you can, via the theme’s Language Editor. All you will need to do is search for “Size Guide” in the search bar of the Language area, which will present this as a text entry field for you to amend as you see fit. Save your changes and your storefront will reflect your newly added text.