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Size chart guide, built into themes

We understand that merchants want to make life easier for their customers and as theme designers, we want to make life easier for the merchant and the customer, which is why we have added the “Size Chart” feature to our themes. Below you will find all the information you need to activate and use the feature.

Note: Due to the theme limitations, this feature only allows you to build one size chart page. If you want to have different charts for different products, we suggest checking out our Size Chart App listed below.

Video Guide

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Create a Size Chart page

  1. Head over to admin and click Online Store > Pages > Create Page
  2. Give the page a title, we recommend “Size Chart” but it can be any title you want
  3. In the description, you can either create the size chart via the Rich Text Editor table feature or you can insert an image into the page that contains the size information
  4. Click Save

Step 2: Add size chart to the product page

  1. Head over to Online Store > Customize
  2. Click Home Page at the top of the page > select Products from drop-down list > click Default Product.
  3. Scroll down until you come to “Size Chart
  4. Check the box to enable it.
  5. Under the Variant name, be sure to enter the Size variant and make sure that the letters are matching exactly, otherwise the link will not show up.
  6. Next, you will need to select the page we created from the list.
  7. Once done be sure to save and you can preview your product page to ensure it’s there.


Clean Size Chart App

If you are need of some help with creating a size chart template, you can consider downloading and checking out our free app “Clean Size Charts” from the app store which will give you more customization options when it comes to adding size charts.


Can I have multiple size chart pages for different products?

You cannot have multiples size pages, you can only create one size chart page and link to the product page. If you wish to have more size chart options for different products, we recommend checking out our size chart app.

Can I change the text “Size Guide” that appears?

Yes, you can. You can do this by editing the theme language.

Shopify has a great article all you have to do is search Size Guide in the search bar of the language section. It will auto load on the page and bring you back any page that has that text. You can then change the text and click save.

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