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The content on this page applies to Showcase version 5.0.0 onwards. See our update guide for more information about how to update your theme.

Note, as is always the case with SEO, there are no strict rules. The below is just advisory. You may want to hire an SEO expert should you want more advanced help with the SEO of your site.


As a general rule, each page on your store should have one main page title. For example, the title of your Contact page may be ‘Get in touch’, or your About page might be ‘A bit about us’. This is known as the H1, and ideally there should only be one of them on each page on your store. Note, there are circumstances where you may want more than H1 per page, but that won’t be discussed here.

The following sections in Showcase v5.0.0 onwards have a setting to make the Heading field an H1 (by default it will be an H2):

  1. Rich text
  2. Background video
  3. Gallery
  4. Image with text overlay
  5. Slideshow
  6. Video

H1 on the homepage

For the homepage only, by default your stores logo within the navigation with by the H1. If you would like to make one of the above sections the H1, then be sure to open the Header section in the Theme Editor, and turn off the ‘Make the logo an <h1> on the homepage’ setting.

H1s on other pages

If you decide to use one of the sections above as the main banner of your page, you should enable the ‘Make the heading an <h1>’ setting on it as well. As mentioned, ideally you should only have one H1 per page – therefore you should then turn off the regular page title, as this will also be an H1.

For example, on a Collection:

If you wanted to create multiple collections in this way with different titles (eg one for Sports Bras, one for Leggings), you could create a Template per collection.

Collection page descriptions

Quite often for Collection pages, it’s advantageous for SEO to have keyword rich text placed on the page to aid rankings, although this text is often not so interesting for humans to read. Therefore, some sites decide to place this text at the bottom of the page, such that search engines will crawl it, but humans are less likely to read it.

To achieve this, you could use the Collection page setting, ‘Description position’ – and set this to ‘Bottom’.

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