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Product page

To edit the product page, you will need to open up any product from inside the theme editor or select the product page from the dropdown at the top. Please note, all the settings will be applied to all products, not just the one you are on, you can’t have specific settings for specific products. This is a limitation on Shopify and not the theme which they hope to address in future updates.

Shopify OS 2.0 Update

The OS 2.0 is live for Showcase and with it comes a lot of new features that drastically change the product page. It’s advised you check out our OS 2.0 page as we will be updating this up continuously based on information shared.

General page layout

Showcase has two key settings which affect the general layout of the page.

Display style – this determines how many columns of images your products will have.

One column:

Two Column:

TIP! If you want your page to have smaller images, chose the Two Column option. Your images will be half the size of the one column option.

Page width – if the ‘Page is full width of the screen‘ option is selected, the image and product text will stretch to the full width of the screen. Note, your images will be large when this setting is on.

Full width on:

Full width off:

Making the product description more visible

The ‘Show the product description under the product title‘ setting will move the product description higher up the page so that it will appear just below the product title.

How can I make my product images smaller?

There is no option to set the exact size of the image that shows on a product page. There are two methods you can use to reduce the size down. If you have set the product page to be wide display (see previous section), you can uncheck this option which will reduce the size of the images.

You can also change the display style at the top to “Two Column” (see previous section), which will line up the side of the image by side, reducing the space needed to scroll down if you have a lot of images on your products.

Can I hide select images?

Shopify does not have a way currently to select what images you can hide that have been added to variant images. This is not a theme limitation but a Shopify one and we are not able to do this on account that you can only have 1 product template across all products.

Can I add videos to product images?

Showcase has been updated in February 2020 to support Shopify media types. If your theme is older than this, you will need to update your theme in order for this to work. This cannot be added to older versions of Showcase. For information on how this works and what to do in order to make it work, you can find out more through this link

Hide the “Buy It Now” button & Express Checkout buttons (Paypal/GPay)

Show / Hide product vendor

You will find this setting inside the product page. Please note that some themes will also display the product vendor on the collection page, so if you wanna disable or enable it there, you will need to head over to a collection page, open up the collection pages section and check the box there also.

Enable / Disable image zoom

You will locate the checkbox to disable or enable image zoom here in these settings. You cannot set the strength of the zoom.

Product Tabs

Size Chart

For information on how the size chart works you can check out out our support article through this link.

Unique Product page (different sections on product pages) OS 2.0 Updates

If you are running the latest version of Showcase which is Version 5.0.0+ you can now take advantage of the new ability to have unique custom page templates.

How to create multiple unique product pages

Product Story (Sections on product pages) OS 2.0 Update

Now with OS 2.0 you can create multiple unique pages (aka story pages) For info on how to accomplish this, please watch the video below.

Product Story (Sections on product pages) pre OS 2.0

This is a new feature that we have added to some of our themes. You can add extra sections to product pages with this feature.

Note: The same sections will be applied to every product page, it is not possible to have unique sections per-product at this time.

To understand how it works please watch our video below.

Product Recommendations (aka You may also like)

The recommendation logic is not determined by the theme but by the Shopify platform. You cannot change its logic and we have no control over what it presents. You can find out more information on how it does this through this link

If you want more control over recommended products, you can turn this feature off in the theme and replace it with an app from

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  Looking to customise beyond our settings?

Our support covers assistance for your theme and settings as originally supplied.
If our settings don’t include a specific control you’re looking for, you can hire a developer to customise the theme code.

We recommend TaskHusky for altering your theme code:
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