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Some theme settings won’t show until you’re viewing the page in the theme editor to which they relate – product, collection, article and blog settings all fall into this category. Be sure to navigate to the page you want to edit, to see the options available in the left sidebar of the theme customizer!

Collection list

Choose from grid or collage for your collection listing pages. It’s also possible to create additional collection listing pages with a different subset of your collections – allowing you to group your products in different ways – perhaps by brand or by the target audience. These additional custom collection listing pages use a menu of links and a separate page template called page.list-collections. We’ve written an article to explain how to create more collection listing pages.

Collection page

Enable infinite scroll to load in new products as the user reaches the end of a page and as with the collections list choose from a grid or collage layout.

If your collection page grid looks uneven, check to see if you have enabled the collage layout.

The ability to filter products can be a useful feature on the collection page. The Showcase theme allows you to create filters using product tags. Tags can be added to any product in your Admin. The theme has a choice of designs for tag filtering – either a tag group filter option which is shown as a sidebar on desktop or a simple filter dropdown. This article explains more about setting up your tag filter groups.

Product page

Choose either wide or narrow product pages (new to version 4).

Choose image layout to be one column or two-column. The latter will mean there’s less scrolling for the user (new to version 4).

Choose traditional dropdowns or list out your variant options. When using the listed layout, sold out single-variant products or variants which are unavailable will be shown as crossed through.

Change the cart type here to toggle whether the user is taken to the Cart page immediately after clicking the buy button on if they remain on the current page (this option is sometimes known as AJAX add to cart)

Contact page

To create a contact page for your store.  Add a new page in Admin > Pages and then select the template 

Story page

The theme includes an option to create a story page. This is similar to a standard page but uses a unique page template (page.story) which allows you to add content blocks to your page in a similar way to the sections on a homepage. This article explains more about how to use your story page.

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  Looking to customise beyond our settings?

Our support covers assistance for your theme and settings as originally supplied.
If our settings don’t include a specific control you’re looking for, you can hire a developer to customise the theme code.

We recommend TaskHusky for altering your theme code:
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Be sure to read this article before changing code!