404 page

If you are looking to edit or customize the layout of the 404 pages, you can watch our video guide by clicking this link.

Can I increase amount of products on Collection page

The Shopify platform limits the maximum number of products shown per page to 50. This helps the page to load so much faster the fewer products there are due to the way the platform loads content. We cannot override this process in our themes.

How to update your theme

If you are looking to update your theme, you can follow our guide on the steps in order to do so by clicking this link. The latest version of the theme is always available as a free download for the store for which it was bought. Changing the theme version used in your store will… Continue reading How to update your theme

Trouble buying theme

Please click on the Actions button next to your theme trial and you should find a “Buy” option in the dropdown. ​

Using Online Store 2.0 (OS 2.0)

OS2 themes now take full advantage of the new tools provided by Shopify like creating templates, using metafields and a new filtering system. This page contains guidance on all topics.


The content on this page applies to Showcase version 5.0.0 onwards. See our update guide for more information about how to update your theme. Note, as is always the case with SEO, there are no strict rules. The below is just advisory. You may want to hire an SEO expert if you want more advanced… Continue reading SEO