Order / Email notification templates (Controlled by Shopify not the theme)

These topics are not actually controlled by the theme but by Shopify. For some helpful information on where to find and ways you can edit them, you can check out the links below and speak directly with Shopify support for more guidance on this. Edit notification templates Notification variables reference Contact Shopify Support

Showcase Vintage

If your version of Showcase is 4.11.14 or before then you are on Pre OS 2.0 version and the guides below will apply to you. To see which theme version you are using, head here: Admin > Online store > Customise theme In the top left-hand side of your screen, click the three little dots… Continue reading Showcase Vintage


Please note: Metafields are primarily controlled by the Shopify platform. Our themes will support them but any limitations are not set by the theme but by what Shopify allows you to do with them. We advise speaking with the Shopify support team if you don’t find the answers in the links below. Learn more about… Continue reading Metafields


A Wishlist feature is not part of our theme’s default functionality, however, there are many apps available that should be able to meet your needs. Shopify Wishlist Apps Please note it is the responsibility of the app developers to ensure their products work with all themes on the Shopify theme store and if you wish… Continue reading Wishlist

Compare At Price not showing

Just check and make sure you have them in the correct box. Price should be the sale price and Compare At Price should be the Original price. Very common to mix these up.

Pre Order

Please see our Pre-order template guide page to find out how to set it up. The pre-order template can be selected whilst the theme is published – note that all Shopify pages can only display the currently published theme’s templates, unpublished theme templates will not be available and cannot be tested while on a trial… Continue reading Pre Order

Discount codes

Discount codes are created inside of Shopify, not the theme. The theme has no way of seeing or displaying any of these codes. You can advertise the code or embed a shareable discount code link into the announcement bar or other places. If you would like a pop up to appear you can try looking… Continue reading Discount codes


Our theme does not come with any wholesale features. There are a number of apps that you can use to achieve this. Wholesale apps Our support covers help with our themes as originally supplied, for any questions you have related to an app, please speak directly with the third-party app developer who created the app.

Trust Badges

Our themes do not come with any Trust badge abilities. There is a number of free apps that can accommodate this request. Trust Badges Apps Whilst we are always happy to support our themes and provide guidance on how they work by default, for any topics are related to an app, the fastest way to… Continue reading Trust Badges

404 page

If you are looking to edit or customize the layout of the 404 pages, you can watch our video guide by clicking this link.