Product variants showing as separate products on collection pages (Not possible)

It is not possible to show variants as separate products in Shopify. Our team has investigated this but Shopify currently lacks the ability to create such a feature at this time. There is currently an app which appears to add the functionality which I will link below. Variable Products & Variants Theme support does not… Continue reading Product variants showing as separate products on collection pages (Not possible)

Do you provide source files (Figma,Sketch,Adobe)

I’m afraid we don’t have anything we can share. Our developers and designers work closely together designing and prototyping within the browser. Themes are built from lots of smaller components that be configured in multiple ways. It’s not like a normal website design. We can’t recommend any wireframing tools either.

How to share preview link

To share a preview link, please go to: Online store > Actions > Hover cursor over “Preview” or “View” > Right click > Copy link Paste that link into your messages with us so we can see what you see. Click here to watch the video guide for visual steps.

Shopify CLI

Our themes work completely with the Shopify CLI (push/serve, etc) – we have used it before ourselves. The CLI just pushes theme files up to a store – if the theme weren’t in a valid format, it wouldn’t install from the theme store. Unless errors occur on a fresh deployment of an unmodified copy of… Continue reading Shopify CLI

Display a product variants as multiple product on collection page

This is not possible in Shopify or our themes. Our themes can filter and surface up specific variants but the only method of showing each variant as an individual product in the collection is to create each variant as its product. When Shopify adds support for this we will add it to our themes.

Open links in new tab

External links (Links that leave your site): Click the link below to follow a guide by Ecom Experts How To Open External Links In A New Tab   Internal links (Links that stay on your site): Internal works differently and are not as easy to set up mainly because there is no simple way to… Continue reading Open links in new tab


Sitemap XML is generated completely automatically by your Shopify store based on the content you have created in your admin area, completely independent of the theme. If you have questions or issues it’s raising these with Shopify support as we have no power in this area. Contact Shopify Support

Metafields FAQ

All stores using our OS 2.0 compatible theme versions are able to take advantage of metafields. The metafields concept may seem quite complicated, so to help simplify things, we have put together this page to help merchants who may need further insight as to how it all works. Remember, metafields are primarily controlled by the… Continue reading Metafields FAQ