Product Tabs

Product tabs is a feature we are working on adding to our themes. We have added it to Symmetry, Boost, Showcase. Currently, we only have the ability to show the same pages on all product.  For now, you can try using this free app that gives you the ability with creating product-specific tabs. FREE Tabs… Continue reading Product Tabs

Font Size

To control the font size you will go into theme editor > theme settings > typography font sizes. Shopify is limited in this and it is not possible to select a specific text line and change its size.

Multi Currency

For information on how multi-currency works in our themes, check out this guide.

Updating your theme

This page covers the basics of theme updates in Shopify. The benefits, the costs, and what it actually means to “Update your theme.” Every theme, over time, gets a small trickle of updates. New Shopify platform features are released, designs get tweaked, bugs get fixed, improvements are made.

Features and tips

Covering the display of Sale Labels/Sold out/Swatches/Variant selection style, Sidebars, Collections lists, Mini collection blocks, Grid layout, Row layout, Unit pricing

Home Page Sections

How to see the full list of sections available, and using the homepage sidebar

Header & Footer

Information about the menu, announcement bar, layout, and other elements included in the header and footer