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Multi currency conversion

Currency conversion Guide (Shopify payments users only)

The currency converter shows all same currency symbols

Using an alternative payment gateway

Our themes now support Shopify’s multi-currency checkout with Shopify Payments. If you are not using Shopify Payments or you are in a location that doesn’t support it, you won’t be able to use the theme’s auto currency conversion feature. The Shopify platform is in charge of passing on the conversions to the currency converter, not the theme.

The theme can display what the gateway sends it. If you are using other gateways, they don’t have this level of integration, which is why the theme can’t display the currency since it’s not being fed the information. Alternatively, you can achieve this through two other options. The first is by installing a currency conversion app. The second is by working with a Shopify Expert to customise the site to enable currency conversions.


Please note! It is the responsibility of the app developers to ensure their products work with all themes on the Shopify theme store, so you’ll need to reach out to the relevant developer if you do have any issues during installation.

Theme support does not cover app support (there are over 5000 apps, it would be impossible for us to keep track of how they all work).


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