Google Search Console ‘issues’ detected

Google Search Console provides warnings that Google could show more details for in search results. You do not need all of these details for good search results. Google will trigger these warnings (not errors) where fields don’t exist in Shopify. When the field doesn’t exist in the Shopify product record, it cannot be mapped. Some missing data can be mapped – for example with the ‘review’ and ‘aggregateRating’ fields – these are for reviews of your products. If you wish to add product reviews to your store, there are apps available. You can find the free Shopify product reviews app here:

Our theme relies on the Shopify Reviews app to display reviews, so if this warning persists once you do have reviews added and an app in place, you’ll need to get in touch with the Shopify app development team to investigate this further:

Google will also recommend things that aren’t necessarily relevant to every business or available on every store plan. You can look at how your data is mapped here –

To reiterate, Google Search Console’s results are simply advisories, rather than errors – they aren’t particularly important and won’t have a negative impact on SEO or Google Shopping listings for example. You would likely see the same warnings in any theme, so from what we know about these, they are not issues that need addressing.

There is always the option to book a consultation with an SEO specialist if you have specific requirements for these that are not met by themes. Expert listings: