Expression theme support

Features and tips

Show ‘sale’ and ‘sold out’ labels, plus ‘swatches’ and variant ‘selection style’

These options can all be found and changed here:

Admin > Online store > Customise theme > Theme settings > Products


The latest version of Expression includes three sidebars – one for the home page, one for blog pages and one for blog posts/articles.

There’s no space to show a sidebar on smaller screens, so we’ve included settings to show (or hide) individual blocks of content in the sidebar for mobiles.

Home page sidebar content is shown above other home page sections – great for promotions.

Blog post and blog sidebar content is shown below the page content.

Collections lists (section)

Expression includes a variety of ways to display and link to your collections. Include links to collections on the homepage with the ‘Mini collection list‘ and ‘Collection list‘ sections.

On ‘collection list’ pages you can choose between “Row” layout and “Grid” layout.

‘Featured collection’ images will be cropped in different ways depending on the situation and screen size – below are some examples to help you to make the most of these layouts.

Mini collection list (section and content block)

Used in all 3 sidebars, the mobile menu and in the mini collection list section on the home page.

The collection’s featured image will be used, or if the collection doesn’t have a featured image the theme will pull in the first product image from the collection. Images are cropped centrally but the amount of the image shown varies based on the layout.

Choose images with a central focal point or where there is meaningful content in the centre of the image for best results.


Grid layout

Used in the Collection list section on the home page or on your ‘collections list’ page.

The ‘grid’ layout shows 3 images – the collection’s ‘featured image’ and the first two products in the collection. The large image will be either your featured collection image or, as this may not always be suitable (particularly if you are using it on a standard collections page), you can add an alternative image in the theme settings.

When the grid layout is used on the home page, there’s also an extra option to add a subheading under the collection name.

Row layout

Used on the collections listing page or on your collections page.

The row layout on the collections listing page shows one collection per row. Choose to crop the image – topcentrebottom or show the full image. A central focal point will ensure the key content of your image is shown on large or smaller screens.

On a collection page, the featured collection image can be shown in full or cropped. If your featured image is square or portrait in shape and the crop isn’t looking good, then you can choose not to show the collection featured image at all. Remember, it’s always possible to add an image (and text) into your collection description instead.

Unit pricing

Theme versions after 5.2.0 support unit pricing for merchants in Germany and France ONLY.

If you sell products in quantities or measurements, then you might need to display the price per unit for certain products. When you enter a unit price for a product, the unit price is displayed on the product pages, collection pages, cart page etc.