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Some theme settings won’t show until you’re viewing the page in the theme editor preview window to which they relate – product, collection, article and blog settings all fall into this category. Be sure to navigate to the page you want to edit, to see the options available in the left sidebar of the theme customizer!

Cart page

The cart page is the final page customers will see before checking out.

You can force customers to go through the cart page by enabling the ‘Checkout button goes to cart page’ and disabling the ‘Additional checkout options’ in the Cart Drawer settings. See more about the Cart Drawer.

You can add sections to the ‘Cart story’ section to show additional information on this page – which could be shown when the cart is empty, not empty, or all the time.

Collection page


The Canopy theme includes 3 different collection header styles in version 3.0.0:

  • Text over image: The featured image spans the page width and the title and description overlay it.
  • Text next to image: The featured image is shown beside the title and description, sitting on a single colour background.
  • No image: The featured image is not shown. Only the title and description.


Product tags can be added to products to help customers to filter the products on a collection page. Choose a box, dropdown or sidebar (new to version 3.0.0) filter type. Canopy allows you to create filters using product tags from version 3.0.0 onwards. Tags can be added to any product in your Admin. The theme has a choice of designs for tag filtering – either a tag group filter option which is shown as a sidebar on desktop or a simple filter dropdown. This article explains more about setting up your tag filter groups.

Check the show ‘sort by’ dropdown setting if you wish to display the ‘sort by’ dropdown. The ‘featured’ sort order is the ‘manual’ option if you have chosen to sort your collections manually in Admin → Products → Collections. There is no need to show the ‘featured’ sort order if you have not sorted your collection manually.

If you enable sticky filters on the collection page, the horizontal filter bar will stick to the top of the page as users scroll down. Note, this will cause the navigation to no longer be sticky.

You can enable Breadcrumbs in Canopy, although these are limited to standard Shopify functionality, which just shows Home / Name of collection / Active filter (applies to Dropdown or Boxes filter type only).


Choose how many products to show per page or switch on infinite scroll

Collection list and custom collection list

Select a grid or row layout for your collections. A grid layout will display the collection featured images. A row layout will show the collection name and the first few products from each collection.

See Collection Pages above for more on the banner layout options.

Product page

The theme supports 3D images and videos with video looping in addition to standard images. There is  also an image zoom option for use on larger screen sizes.

The theme cannot enlarge images, so they will be shown at their original maximum size in the product zoom. The zoom is not designed to operate on mobile screens.

Product options can be displayed as boxes or dropdowns or a mix of both. With the box layout, unavailable options (where all variants with that option are unavailable) will be shown as crossed out.

The theme also includes the ability to add a link to a page with further information such as a size chart.

Blog page

The Canopy theme offers a number of different flexible article layout choices; full width, tiles in rows and tiles in columns. Navigate to your blog page in the Theme Editor to find these options and choose your preferred layout.

Please read the Shopify setup article detailing blogs and articles!
Tip: Don’t forget to create article excerpts

Contact page

To create a contact page for your store.  Add a new page in Admin > Pages and then select the template 

Story page

The theme includes an option to create a story page. This is similar to a standard page but uses a unique page template (page.story) which allows you to add content blocks to your page in a similar way to the sections on a homepage. This article explains more about how to use your story page.

Story sections

Various pages throughout the theme can have additional sections, known as ‘Story sections’. Eg the product page can have a ‘Product story’ – which can contain additional sections which related to ALL products. Note, it’s not possible to have different sections for different products. The pages that have Story sections are: product page, collection page, article page, cart page, search page and contact page.


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