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On this page, we cover the Boost theme and various sections.

Collection Pages

Feature header settings

Choose a standard or feature header layout for collection pages. The featured header includes the option to select a featured product to show in the header as a stand-out row on the first page of your collection.

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You will need to be viewing the selected collection in the Theme Editor to see the featured header.

When using the feature header layout, use the same background colour for a given collection across your store for consistent branding.

If your product images are not the same shape, the general product setting Align product titles can help to achieve a more consistent layout. This setting is in all versions after 1.3.0


Tags can be added to products to help customers filter the products on a collection page. You can also create two specific filters using tag groups.

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Product Pages

Product Images

Alternative product images can be listed out or, in versions after 1.3.0, shown as smaller thumbnail images underneath or beside your main image.

Product Description & Tabs

Choose the description position (separate row, above or below the cart button) and add tabs to show other page content.  Link to your size chart to make it easier for customers to understand your products by entering the option name e.g. Size, Taille.

Size Chart Guide

If you need some help with setting up or understanding how the size chart guide work. Just follow the link to our support walkthrough guide. Guide to setting up Size Charts

Recently viewed and related products

Recently viewed and product recommendations from the same collection can be shown at the bottom of the product page. Recently viewed product images will appear smaller than product recommendations.

You can show products related to your blog articles – see this article.

Collection List Pages

The Collection List page allows you more control over showing and promoting your collections and selecting which ones you would like to appear on this page. The URL on your site for this is usually the store URL /collections


For a more in-depth and walkthrough, check out the video below.

Video Guide

Blog Pages

Featured products in a blog article

The Blog page also includes a magazine layout allowing you to showcase articles from multiple blogs on the same page.

You can also show products in your articles, blog page and homepage blog section, as soon as you add links to products anywhere in your blog article content. Simply add links within your blog article to any number of products in your store to have them display in the blog section on your homepage and in your blog and article pages.

See the example in our demo store.

More information on blog layouts can be viewed here.

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