Alchemy theme support

Other features

Some theme settings won’t show until you’re viewing the page in the theme editor preview window to which they relate – product, collection, article and blog settings all fall into this category. Be sure to navigate to the page you want to edit, to see the options available in the left sidebar of the theme customiser.

Hero Banners

Full width hero banners are a key styling point for our Alchemy theme. The hero banner contains the main page title (h1) which can be on a full width colored background or an image background. Settings under Theme Settings > Hero Banners allows you to customize the layout of your hero banners by choosing the height, colors, breadcrumbs, content overlap etc. The banner will sit under your navigation if you’ve chosen Header > Layout > Show on top of full width sections. On the collection pages the specific collection image can be shown.

Note – If you choose to hide the hero banner and use an alternative section as a banner such as an image banner, we advise you to provide an h1 title in another section for SEO purposes.

Blogs – featured products

If you add a link to a product, anywhere in a blog article, a visible product image and link block will be automatically added to your article page, at the end of the article.
Image showing the blog featured images from our Alchemy demo store

Product cards and Collection cards

There are theme settings to allow you to control the layout of the product cards (blocks) that appear on the collection page, featured collection section and other sections like related products. Choose your image shape, alignment and whether the product images should be cropped for consistency by going to Theme Settings > Product Cards. The collection images (shown on collection lists and collection listing pages) can also be customized in a similar way using the collection card theme settings. All cards can also have a background color (Theme Settings > Colors).


The Alchemy theme supports swatches on the product page and in the collection page and search page filters. For information on how the swatches feature works, you can check out out our support article.