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Home page sections

To see the full list of home page section types simply click on Add Section whilst viewing your store home page in the theme customiser.

Home page sections can be added, hidden or re-arranged to best fit your store. Choose to show blog posts, products, collections, images, text, videos, slideshows – all on your homepage in any order you like.

Slideshow section

If you have a full-width slideshow then we would recommend using images that are all the same height and at least 1500px wide. This blog article explains more about image sizing.

The fixed large header slideshow allows you to add high-quality images to display in succession on your homepage, together with up to two lines of overlay text and two calls to action buttons.  You can also add a link to the entire image if you prefer. Choose the carousel option to show two slides at a time.

There is also a standard slideshow section and a slideshow with a text section that can also be added to your home page.

Note – When setting a fixed height, cropping may occur on your original image in order to fit the image to the screen. If it’s important that your entire image is visible, deselect the ‘Fixed height’ option.

Testimonials section

Add customer or press testimonials in a carousel with review stars.

Gallery section

Add blocks of images in a number of different arrangements, but be sure to select a layout that makes sense! i.e. add 2 images set to half-width, four at quarter width, one third and one two thirds, etc.

Map section

Add a map row to direct customers to your real-world store. Show a google map or your own image. The image position option allows you to control the crop of your image on the desktop.

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  Looking to customise beyond our settings?

Our support covers assistance for your theme and settings as originally supplied.
If our settings don’t include a specific control you’re looking for, you can hire a developer to customise the theme code.

We recommend TaskHusky for altering your theme code:
Click here to request a custom coding quote from TaskHusky.

Be sure to read this article before changing code!