Alchemy theme support

Header & footer


The Alchemy theme supports both a standard 3 tier drop-down navigation and a full-width mega menu.

The theme switches the menu into a full-width mega menu when every link inside a dropdown also has a dropdown.

To make mega dropdowns, like the one in this demo store, you need to create Nested Navigation as follows.  Under the menu item you’d like the mega menu to drop down from, add as many title links as you like. Each of these title links must then have its own items nested inside for the dropdown menu to turn into a mega dropdown menu:

This article explains more about creating a mega menu

Add other menus in your store following the usual Shopify method explained here.

Menu Image Promotion

To show promotional images in your main menu, you will want to click header and scroll to the bottom and select ‘Add Menu promotion’. Now here is very important and it’s where many make the mistake. Make sure to enter the dropdown menu name that you want the image to appear under, e.g. Shop or SHOP, then add your image, link and text.

Announcement bar

Add an announcement bar at the top of your Alchemy Shopify theme site. Here are some idea’s you can use them for.

  • Having a sale? Let people know.
  • Have a new discount code you want to share? Let people know
  • Want people to see your latest blog post and link to it? Let people know
  • Want to add a discount code link so that when people click the link it will auto add it to the cart if they meet the requirements. Sounds crazy but you can and click the link below to see how it’s done.

Footer Section Menu

The primary menu can show menus up to two levels deep. Sub-menus will be shown in columns under the top-level link. The secondary menu does not support sub-menus. Links will be shown as a single line next to the payment icons.

Payment icons

Payment icons are pulled directly from Shopify based on your payment settings. If you are looking to remove/add payment icons that are not in the list, the theme allows you to add 1 additional payment icon and link. If you need more, the theme’s code would need to be customised by a developer.

We recommend Taskhusky for theme customisations, they have worked with our themes for many years:
Click here to get a quote

Remove the “Powered By Shopify” text

Footer text such as “Powered by Shopify” and “Theme by Clean Canvas” can be edited or removed using the Language Editor.

Video Guide

  Worthwhile reading:

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  Looking to customise beyond our settings?

Our support covers assistance for your theme and settings as originally supplied.
If our settings don’t include a specific control you’re looking for, you can hire a developer to customise the theme code.

We recommend TaskHusky for altering your theme code:
Click here to request a custom coding quote from TaskHusky.

Be sure to read this article before changing code!