Remove / Translate the buy it now button

Remove: If you wish to remove the buy it now button, you will want to disable the Dynamic Checkout buttons. For information on how to do this, you can follow this Shopify guide by clicking this link

Translate: Currently, there is no way to change the wording on the Buy It Now buttons as it is a dynamic button as the code for this feature is core-based on Shopify, which means that it is inaccessible via the theme.

The only way to translate this button to other languages is when you select a supported language through your theme.

Due to it being a dynamic button, most of your customers won’t see the ‘Buy it now’ option appear as you see it, as this button uses whatever is relevant to the customer. So if they have used Paypal recently, they will see a Paypal button. If they are on their Safari browser on their iPhone they will see Apple Pay, etc. Because this is subjective to the customer, there is no way to determine or ensure what the customer sees for this.