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Creating your story page

Please note if you are using a theme running OS 2.0 this guide no longer applies as this has changed. To discover how to set up a page with sections like the story page, head to our guide through this link

The story page is a special template we have added to our themes which gives you useful sections to help you promote your brand and story.

Video Step By Step Guide

Written Guide

Important: The theme needs to be published in order to see the template, you can un-publish it once you have the template added to a page. If you are on a trial you can skip ahead. The page.story template is designed for use on one page in your store. The same content will show on all pages using the page.story template. For information on adding more than one page, skip ahead.

Head to Online Store > Pages > Create a page or open the existing page > In the ‘Title’ field, call it ‘Story Page’ (or whatever you want) > Under template suffix, select the page.story template > Save.

Now head over to Online Store > Customize Theme > Click “Home Page” at the top and scroll down till you see the page you created.

You will now see an option on the left saying Story page where you can open it up and see the content that you can add to this page. You will not find all the sections that you have on the homepage as this is a limitation of Shopify and not the theme, but we have added the most common to help create a great story page.

On Trial version and can’t access story template

So Shopify will only allow you to select the templates of your current published theme and since you are on a trail you can’t publish the theme. Not to worry, we got you. There is a way and we show you in our video guide below which will jump to the part where I explain it.

I still don’t see the Story Page template

If you still don’t see the Story page template on your theme, it’s likely you are on an older version of the theme. For our guide on updating your theme, you can follow this link.

Can I have more than one Story Page?

This depends on your theme and theme version. Theme versions released before Online Store 2.0 can only have one story page using the page.story template. Online Store 2.0 themes use a different theme architecture and can have multiple different page templates with sections. This makes it much easier to create multiple pages to tell your story.
Head to our guide through this link to find out more about Online Store 2.0.

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