Showcase theme support

Showcase Vintage

If your version of Showcase is 4.11.14 or before then you are on Pre OS 2.0 version and the guides below will apply to you.

To see which theme version you are using, head here:

  1. Admin > Online store > Customise theme
  2. In the top left-hand side of your screen, click the three little dots
  3. An additional panel appears where you will see your theme version details

If you wish to update your theme to OS 2.0, you can follow our guide linked below:

Product Story (Sections on product pages)

This is a new feature that we have added to some of our themes. You can add extra sections to product pages with this feature.

Note: The same sections will be applied to every product page, it is not possible to have unique sections per-product at this time.

To understand how it works please watch our video below.

Filtering on collection pages

The ability to filter products can be a useful feature on the collection page. The Showcase theme allows you to create filters using product tags. Tags can be added to any product in your Admin. The theme has a choice of designs for tag filtering – either a tag group filter option which is shown as a sidebar on desktop or a simple filter dropdown. This article explains more about setting up your tag filter groups.