Showcase theme support


Sections enable you to build your storefront using individual elements of content, arranging everything exactly as you wish. You can find out more about Sections here in Shopify’s guide.

To see the full list of different home page section types you can choose from to create your store’s look, simply click ‘Add section’ whilst viewing your store’s home page in the theme editor area:

Admin > Online store > Customise theme > On the left hand side panel, scroll down and click ‘Add section which will show you your available options.

Home page sections can be added, hidden or re-arranged to best fit your store. Choose to show blog posts, products, collections, images, text, videos or slideshows on your homepage in any order you like.

Slideshow section

Our Showcase theme is all about imagery!

You can choose from the following (and much more):

  • Desktop & mobile specific images: Select the perfect portrait image on mobile.
  • Full screen: This will crop the image to fit both the height and width of the screen being viewed. Selecting a suitable image and testing on varying devices is important with this option.
  • Adapt to first image: This retains the original image aspect ratio, so whilst it will fill the width on all device sizes, the height will alter to maintain the original entire image content.
  • Fixed height: You can specify the height of the slideshow on desktop and mobile.
Tip! For each slide you add, there is a useful option called ‘Image alignment’. This allows you to ensure the most important part of your image is shown when you have the layout option set to ‘Fill window’.

The above is Showing ‘Fill window’ option, with slide set to ‘Center right’ on different size devices.

Video section

Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo with a cover image.

Tip! Check the Full page width option to display your video without any border or margin.

Background video section

Add text over videos from YouTube or Vimeo. A cover image must be a placeholder image must be added to these sections, as the videos will not play on mobile. For more information about how to use background videos please read this article. 

Tip! Check the Full page width option to display your video without any cropping

Featured blog

To display a nice blog excerpt instead of the full blog, click here to learn about adding Blog Excerpts

Tip! Add a featured image and create a blog excerpt for each blog post. To create an article excerpt go to your blog post and click on the add excerpt link below the article content.


Create vibrant, image-focused testimonials. Ensure your images are portrait in orientation, or alternatively, if you don’t include any images, a different (more traditional) layout option will be used.

Tip! Like the layout but don’t want to use it for testimonials?  No problem. Just set the star count to be zero and they will disappear. Prefer a single image? That’s an option too!

Note: Showcase supports up to 25 homepage sections. This is a limit set by the Shopify platform and not the theme. We can not override this limitation. For more information, you can check out Shopify’s support article on sections through this link.

Inline videos

Some sections can display an MP4 video instead of an image. We always recommend adding an image as well, so this will show while the video loads.

To display a video, enter a URL to an MP4 video which is hosted directly on Shopify.


To upload an MP4 video to your store:

    1. Go to your Shopify Admin area, and click Settings > Files.
    2. Upload an MP4 video by clicking the ‘Upload files’ button.
    3. Once the video has finished upload, you can copy the URL to the video and paste it into the relevant field in the theme settings.

The sections that support inline video are:

  • Gallery
  • Media with text
  • Text columns with media
Note: Make sure your uploaded videos meet the following Shopify requirements.
Note: YouTube or Vimeo videos will not work where only MP4 files are accepted.