Can I increase amount of products on Collection page

The Shopify platform limits the maximum number of products shown per page to 50. This helps the page to load so much faster the fewer products there are due to the way the platform loads content. We cannot override this process in our themes.

Trouble buying theme

Please click on the Actions button next to your theme trial and you should find a “Buy” option in the dropdown. ​

Using Online Store 2.0

OS2 themes now take full advantage of the new tools provided by Shopify. Here are some links to help guides to help you get the most out of the new features.

Shopify Online Store 2.0

There are lots of great new features including the flexibility to create multiple unique ‘story’ style pages with sections, and even different product templates with unique content.

Customizations to theme code and apps

If you need to change your theme’s code, add 3rd party code, troubleshoot existing custom code, or need help with an app, it’s pretty much guaranteed we will not be able to assist.

Product Tabs

Product tabs is a feature we are working on adding to our themes. We have added it to Symmetry, Boost, Showcase. Currently, we only have the ability to show the same pages on all products.  For now, you can try using this free app that gives you the ability with creating product-specific tabs. FREE Tabs… Continue reading Product Tabs

Font Size

To control the font sizes, go to: Online Store > Customize > Theme settings > Typography These are the only settings that come with the theme. If you want more control over the sizes of specific text on your store, you will likely need to hire a developer.

Updating your themes (including to OS 2.0)

This page covers the basics of theme updates in Shopify. The benefits, the costs, and what it actually means to “Update your theme.” Every theme, over time, gets a small trickle of updates. New Shopify platform features are released, designs get tweaked, bugs get fixed, improvements are made.