Customizations to theme code and apps

If you need to change your theme’s code, add 3rd party code, troubleshoot existing custom code, or need help with an app we will not be able to assist.
Please see the links at the end of this article to find someone who will be able to help.

Our support does not cover the customisation of a theme’s code for individual store requirements, or any assistance with apps.
If you have specific requirements for your store which our theme doesn’t already include, you will need to speak to a Shopify Expert about making changes to your store.

Our support team at Clean Canvas

Building a theme that can serve every store’s individual requirements is a delicate balancing act! Whilst we strive to provide the features that most merchants will require, there are some things that just can’t be added to a theme, or which could make setting up a theme too complex to use and maintain.

Shopify themes are complicated and take months to design, build and test, by our team of Shopify experts, with over a decade of experience as Shopify theme Partners. Themes are constantly maintained and updated to align with current trends, Shopify updates and best practices.

Once you have purchased one of our themes, you are eligible for free updates for the lifetime of the theme.

You can read more about theme updates here:

We believe our themes are very competitively priced for the amount of work and dedication that goes into building and maintaining them, and we offer fast support where you need assistance with the theme settings, setup, or if you simply have a question prior to purchasing.

Helping with Apps

We often receive questions asking for recommendations for apps, or for assistance in installing or troubleshooting apps. There are 1000’s of available apps, and we don’t use any apps ourselves in a transactional store, therefore it would be unfair of us to recommend any! We cannot troubleshoot apps – app code is separate from the platform and hosted by the app developers themselves.

For all app enquiries, you will need to contact the app developers directly for assistance. You can do this from your store’s app list: Shopify Admin > Apps > Choose “Get Support” next to the appropriate app

Who to ask for theme customisation or coding assistance

You can try our preferred partner TaskHusky
or the Shopify developer community
You might also try the troubleshooting board