Canopy theme support

Canopy Vintage

If your version of Canopy is 3.0.0 or before, then you are using a Pre OS 2.0 version and the guides below will apply to you.

To see which theme version you are using, head here:

  1. Admin > Online store > Customise theme
  2. In the top left-hand side of your screen, click the three little dots
  3. An additional panel appears where you will see your theme version details

If you wish to update your theme to OS 2.0, you can follow our guide linked below:

Slideshow section

We recommend using images that are all the same height and, at least, 1600px wide.
This article explains more about image sizing

Note, the Slideshow is the only section that go full width to the edge of the browser.

For versions before 3.0.0 you can choose between these image settings:

  • Full screen: This will crop the image to fit both the height and width of the screen being viewed. Selecting a suitable image and testing on varying devices is important with this option!
  • Adapt to first image: This retains the original image aspect ratio, so whilst it will fill the width on all device sizes, the height will alter to maintain the original entire image content.
  • Fixed height: You can specify the height of the slideshow on desktop and mobile
TIP! For each slide you add, there is a useful option called ‘Image alignment’. This allows you to ensure the most important part of your image is shown when you have the layout option set to ‘Fill window’.

Collection page

Product tags can be added to products to help customers to filter the products on a collection page. Choose a box, dropdown or sidebar (new to version 3.0.0) filter type. Canopy allows you to create filters using product tags from version 3.0.0 onwards. Tags can be added to any product in your Admin. The theme has a choice of designs for tag filtering – either a tag group filter option which is shown as a sidebar on desktop or a simple filter dropdown. This article explains more about setting up your tag filter groups.

Check the show ‘sort by’ dropdown setting if you wish to display the ‘sort by’ dropdown. The ‘featured’ sort order is the ‘manual’ option if you have chosen to sort your collections manually in Admin → Products → Collections. There is no need to show the ‘featured’ sort order if you have not sorted your collection manually.

If you enable sticky filters on the collection page, the horizontal filter bar will stick to the top of the page as users scroll down. Note, this will cause the navigation to no longer be sticky.

You can enable Breadcrumbs in Canopy, although these are limited to standard Shopify functionality, which just shows Home / Name of collection / Active filter (applies to Dropdown or Boxes filter type only).

Story page

The theme includes an option to create a story page. This is similar to a standard page but uses a unique page template (page.story) which allows you to add content blocks to your page in a similar way to the sections on a homepage. This article explains more about how to use your story page.