Alchemy theme support

Other page sections

Some theme settings won’t show until you’re viewing the page in the theme editor preview window to which they relate – product, collection, article and blog settings all fall into this category. Be sure to navigate to the page you want to edit, to see the options available in the left sidebar of the theme customiser.

Collection specific header images

You will need to upload an image file (to your Admin > Settings > Files in Shopify) with the filename ‘collection-header-handle.jpg’, where ‘handle’ is the handle of the collection.

For example, if your collection page URL is like this:

you need to upload an image with this name:


Don’t forget to enable this setting, which can be found by viewing any collection page in the theme customiser and click ‘Collection page’ in the left sidebar:

Tip: If you do this, you will need to upload an image for every collection on your store, or it will encounter ‘missing-file’ errors.

Blog pages – featured products

If you add a link to a product, anywhere in a blog article, a visible product image and link block will be automatically added to your article page, at the end of the article.

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